Valle del G.S.B.

Gran San Bernardo Valley

About 60 km long the valley is dominated by the massifs of Grande Rochère and Grand Golliaz. It is one of the best known and most popular valleys in history, especially due to the presence of the Great St Bernard Route, used as a transit area since the Bronze Age. Over the centuries, popes, kings, emperors, saints and great authorities passed along the via del Colle. The most famous and extraordinary passage during these centuries was the one of Napoleon and his army, on May 20th 1800, descending from the Gran San Bernardo hill towards Marengo. Crossed by the Artavanaz stream, it is a valley rich in history, traditions, folklore, served by good accommodation facilities with hotels and winter campsites.

Each village has its own characteristic and its own tradition. Even in terms of gastronomy, the valley offers tasty specialties: in Gignod the teuteun, in Étroubles the excellent fontina and black bread, in Saint Oyen the grilled ham, in Saint Rhémy en Bosses the typical raw ham. In the numerous restaurants it is possible to taste the specialties of the valley. In Étroubles, the historic Restaurant de la Croix Blanche welcomes you with its warm atmosphere, in a refined rustic setting typical of the Aosta Valley. The restaurant de la Croix Blanche is known for its renowned cuisine and for over 400 labels of fine wines.