This inn has been in existence for nearly four centuries. The path if the travelers going to switzerland through the via Francigena, used to be at the began of the present building. Until the years 1800 when the Napoleonic army engineers began the new road of the Gran San Bernardo Pass, people world tradel by foot or on mule or horse bailey. Whit the advent of the stage coach, the inn was enlarged to house stall for horses and catrieges. The first tourist who come from abroad to discover the ValleD’Aosta stopped here.Napoleon’s officers slept here whereas the groups camped in the nearby fields, which are called “Pres des Francais”. Nowadays, the bar and the restaurant to be the place of the old stagecoach area, in the dinning-room hors d’oeuvres are on show on an old farm-cart in the middle of the room, stands a charcoal grill to cook the various meats and next to it thick slabs of the local stone (the lose are used to grill the vegetables)At the bar, you can enjoy snacks of the ever-present local cheeses, dry meat and the local raw ham of Bosses. Just before you come in, weather permitting, you can enjoy a large terrace whit bar and restaurant facilities. On the lower floor, what was the typical coach house became a discotheque in the 60th and today is called by its old name “La Remisa” disco and piano bar.